BranQ Commitment

All of our products are made in EUROPE. We are using high quality , safe , bpa free , phtalate free , recyclable materials to make them with using modern technologies. BranQ products are durable, ideal for multiple use – which is beneficial for our households, health and our planet. In case of destrying or wearing out - all are to be recycled.

Your safety and caring for the environment are, and always will be, our priority which is why our products are:

• 100% recyclable
• BPA free • Phthalate free
• Made by ZERO EMISSION technological systems
• Manufactured with BranQ’s patented ways of energy and material re-use.

BranQ is a Polish brand which has established itself as a European market leading manufacturer of household plastics and are now supplying many independent and multiple retailers across many different countries. We, at BranQ, use only the highest quality, latest machinery and best quality tools and materials in the production of our products which all takes place in our own state-of-the-art factory located in the North of Poland, which is also home to our offices and fantastic showroom. We pride ourselves on our unique designs, top quality products and excellent customer service, with all products having any necessary certification and being made to last!

Our products are not single use. We do our best to create life long product, which is designed to serve you as long as possible for the sake of your household as well as for the planet.

BranQ products are 100% recyclable. Which means that they can be given “second life” after they have been broken or destroyed.

We use the most modern technologies in our production process, that stand for zero pollution of the atmosphere. We are sure that our surroundings are stable and clean.

We care for our relations with local communities. Cultural, social, educational or sport projects our the one we take part in. Thanks to it we can share our knowledge, possibilities with those who need it.