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Rattan basket commodes


2, 3 or 4 piece Rattan basket commode is a great storing solution for limited spaces. Aesthetically looking, made of solid, safe (bpa, phthalate free) material is ideal for such places as bathroom, wardrobe, kids’ room or office. Available in different colors. Made in Poland.
Sizes: 2-pieces: 23 x 29 x 31cm, 3-pieces: 23 x 29 x 48cm, 4-pieces: 23 x 29 x 65cm



The kitchen device needed in every household. It cuts in ideal squares boiled veggies, eggs, soft cheese and soft fruit. Using it will save your time and make your salad look perfect and mouth watering.

SLIDE Box® (container + slider)


Made of high quality clear material. Consists of removable lid, body and a slide. Ideal for storing products needed right away. Easy opening and its transparency will make an easy access to needed products. Space saver in fridge.



Made of high quality clear material. Consists of removable lid and body. Ideal for storing products needed right away. Easy opening and its transparency will make an easy access to needed products. Good for storing in room as well as low temperatures.



Check out our new series of food containers Q-lock®. Tightly closing, made of solid material, aesthetically looking and very handful. Ideal for storing food in fridge, freezer ar taking on the go. Its special opening lid on the main lid can be open during heating in microwave, or can be used as space for information what is stored inside. The size of this space is matching the size of the smallest office post it yellow notes.
In the Q-lock® containers line you can find a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Strong clips, coloured rubber tightening the closing, innovative lid are the advantages of the product.

Q-lock® Go


Check the Q-Lock®Go line which is dedicated to active people. You can enjoy your food on the go in vivid, aitrtight closed,colourful boxes, made of solid, safe, bpa free material. They are perfect at school, during journey, in fitness club or at work. It is worth noticing that you can heat in tchem in microwave putting the small cover in the lid up. The Q lock®Go line has a wide range of capacities, colours and shapes amongst which you can choose what is the best for you.

MedBox Line

It is a familyof our new products dedicated for keeping order in your medicine kit. All can be kept in order in MedBox organiser or closed in our bigger and smaller MedBox container.
Thanks to MedBox line your domestic medicine kit as well as journey kit are well oredered and well preserved.

Grill Box

Very functional item during garden barbecue.
You can keep the grill coal or other accessories in it. Elegant, solid made. It can be also used as a stool box.



Beautiful, oriental nature inspired baskets can make your bathroom shelf look very sophisticated. The decors in form of bamboo branches and leaves make the product very unique. Avaialable in different colours and sizes.

Small Lunchbox


Very functional, practical box for storing your breakfast or lunch at school, during journey or at work. Ideal for kids and adults. Available in juicy colours and with trendy graphics. You can use it separately or make a set combining it with our big lunchbox Snckshot.

Cutting board

cutting boards

A cutting board is an essential element of every kitchen. Our cutting board is solid, comfortable in use and very practical. Has a special curve that enables pressing to the table and makes safe space for cutting without moving. Available in different colour options.

Cutting boards set

cutting boards

Great solution in every kitchen! Space saving and very practical. Thanks to special stand they are at hand in every moment you need them. Nice looking, properly made, with special indicators to what kind of food they are supposed to be used.



Handy and perfect for every kitchen. Very solid and comfortable. Comes in juicy, fashionable colors that will enliven your surroundings.